It’s funny how we place so much importance on discipline in other areas of our lives, from sports, nutrition and dieting, to work, school and keeping up our social media schedules. But when it comes to our thoughts, we tend to believe we have absolutely no control over them. We do!

Once upon a time I went though a very difficult time in my life. I was in the middle of a divorce, forced to sell a home I loved, and left alone in a foreign country with a small child. I couldn’t get out of bed for the first two weeks. I was petrified and paralyzed. But with a small child to care for, I had to somehow pull myself out of it. So I started taking gratitude walks.

There is no doubt that stress takes an enormous toll on our bodies - from headaches, insomnia, frequent colds and infections, stomach problems, muscle and body aches – you name it! It can also be seen in our faces, including acne and early aging. How do we deal with stress and eliminate its damaging effects? In this series I am going to be sharing techniques that have truly worked for me through the most traumatic and stressful of times.

Most people think I hide my age because I am ashamed of it. Far from the truth! I actually never think about it – that is until someone else brings it up. I don’t hide my age because of how I see myself, but rather how others see me.